Why Some Freelance SEO Writers Succeed and Others Don’t


Written by Yuwanda Black

This past weekend, I received the following question from a reader who’s thinking about starting an SEO writing career. She wrote:

Question from a “Thinking about Starting” Freelancer

Hi Yuwanda,

I read the reviews about your ebook, ‘How to Make @ 250 A Day or More Writing Simple 500 Word Articles.’

I am interested to know that if persons are receiving the same financial success today compared to back when your ebook was published. I am doing as much research as possible as I would like to purchase the ebook, put what was learnt into practice, gain as much knowledge as possible about SEO content writing and earn a part-time income which could assist me and my family.

I responded to her, writing …

My Answer


First, thanks for your interest in our products.

In answer to your question, some do, some don’t. And the reason is simple, how successful freelancers are depends on so many factors, eg, niche chosen, marketing ability, writing ability, rates, services offered, business skills, desire, etc.

Some land jobs right away; for others it takes months — it all depends on the factors listed above, and the individual freelancer.

What I’d suggest you do is read through SeoWritingJobs.com. It’s a blog devoted to the subject of SEO writing. Many of the posts there contain questions from freelancers, along with my answers. Good luck however you decide to proceed, and thanks again for your interest in our products.

An Expanded Answer

I wanted to expand on this response for two reasons:

(i) It’s a frequently asked question: About once a month, I’ll get a form of this question from a wannabe freelancer, so this topic needs to be addressed constantly, especially as the field of writing SEO content matures.

FYI, here’s an all-inclusive response I’ve given before. One of the linked-to posts is all about facing your fears (SEO Copywriting: Q’s from Readers Losing Jobs & Those Who Want to Know How to Make More Money Per Article); and

(ii) I dug deeper: I did some research on how to break through your fears of starting a business and wanted to share it with you.

During my search, I ran across this fantastic, extremely thorough post entitled 31 Tips for Conquering Startup Fears. It says everything I would have said had I been as bright as this entrepreneur. 🙂

Starting an SEO Writing Business: Some Insightful Advice

As the summary states, it helps you really delve into what’s holding you back from starting your own business. I love the way this entrepreneur started the article. She wrote:

Most startup articles focus on the mechanics of launching a business. But the inner journey (emphasis added) to starting a business is just as important as writing a business plan and getting financing.

I learned this the hard way. … I didn’t have the guts to leave my job. After quitting my job and taking it back twice, I developed techniques to help myself build courage and break through my fears. These techniques worked–and when I quit for the third time, I was finally able to let go of my job …

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life. I had my first business at age 11 – mowing lawns in a trailer park we lived in. If you’ve read the free ebook you get when you subscribe to Inkwell Editorial’s newsletter (Living the Freelance Life), you know the story.

I’ve gone through and/or tried every emotion and strategy on this list.





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And the Answer to the Question Is …

I’ve given this freelancer’s question a lot of thought over the last few days, trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all answer that makes sense. And what I kept coming back to was what I said in the post on fear linked to above. So in direct answer to the question posed in the title of this post:

“I think some SEO writers succeed where others fail is because they face their fears and push through them. In other words, they deal with their internal bullshit!”

And make no mistake we all have it – whether it’s coming from an alcoholic family, being physically/sexually abused as a child, lack of confidence formed by an overly critical parent/teacher – whatever it is, it’s there. Some of us use it to fuel us on to success; others of us let it defeat us by limiting how we view and act in the world.

You see, fear is the shield we hide our emotional crap behind. And each of us has different crap that we’re shying away from. AND this – in my opinion – is exactly why some of us succeed and some of us fail – at any and every thing we attempt.

Turns out, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, because we are all different, with different problems — and different ways of coping.

Share Your Thoughts

Why do you think some freelance writers succeed, and others don’t? Please share in the comments section below.


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