SEO Writers: Find it Hard to Incorporate Keywords? Struggle with Density? Why You No Longer Need to – Write Copy Clients & SEs Will Love


The foundation of SEO content writing is keywords. One of the skills of a professional SEO copywriter is knowing how to work keyword phrases in naturally. After all, anyone can keyword stuff copy. But, more and more, this type of copy is falling by the wayside (thank goodness), for SEO copywriting is maturing as a profession.

And as more and more companies realize that content – professionally written, keyword optimized, informative content – is THE way to drive long-term, convertible traffic, SEO writers who know how to produce this type of content will be in constant demand.

Content Farms: They’ll Always Exist

While the market for $3 per 400-word article writers will always exist and sites deemed content farms like eHow, AssociatedContent, et al will always be around (IMO), skilled SEO content writers won’t have to worry about competing with them. Why?

Because when companies start to realize the value of a commodity and and start to spend money on it, they expect to pay decent rates for it because they look at it as an investment in their business. And, that’s exactly where we are with SEO content now.


Why Keywords are Not as Relevant as They Used to Be

“Say what?! But you said in the beginning of this post that the foundation of writing for SEO is keywords.”

But, not so much in the way it used to be. You see, in the not-so-distant past, writing SEO content was all about achieving a certain density for a particular keyword phrase. When I first started writing SEO copy in 2007, I would regularly get requests from clients that would say something like:

We want 3% density for this batch and 5% for this one.

Nowadays, clients hardly ever request this. They’ll give you a keyword and expect you to work it in a few times. They don’t talk about achieving a certain keyword density. So, for example, for a 400-word article, I may use the keyword 3-5 times. That’s it.

The reason for this change is that search engines like Google change their algorithms all the time. So now, keyword density is not given the weight it once had when it comes to determining where a page pops up in search results.

Other factors are also considered, ie, the overall relevant content on the site, anchor text, inbound links, how often the site is updated, etc.

So what does all of this have to do with how to write for humans, while making sure your client’s content gets found without keyword stuffing it?

Well, two things: (i) to point out that search engine optimization writing is about more than just writing content and sticking in some keyword phrases; and (ii) to highlight how important it is to stay abreast of the changes in SEO.

Writing for SEO Tip: How I Easily Incorporate Keywords into Client Copy

Following is a little trick I use to easily incorporate keywords into client copy so that it flows naturally.

Remember, good SEO copy is reader-friendly SEO copy. Write for humans, but keep search engines top of mind.

When I get an order from a client, I note the primary keyword phrase.

Note: Usually, clients will just give you one keyword phrase. Sometimes though, they’ll give you more, eg, 2-3. There’s always one primary phrase, with the others being secondary keyword phrases.

If a client hasn’t given me secondary keyword phrase, I’ll use Google’s Keyword Adword Tool to find a couple. I’ll tell you the reason in just a sec.

When I sit down to write client copy, I do so without giving a thought to their keywords. After I written the article, I then go back and naturally incorporate the keyword phrases. I take care to get the primary keyword phrase in a number of times.

In order for the copy not to sound repetitive and keyword stuffed, I use 2-3 secondary keyword phrases.

I found that if you write SEO copy this way, you’ll find it much easier to incorporate keywords without having to force them. And, it can be a faster way to write SEO content as well because you’re not having to “mentally stop” to think about keywords as you’re writing.

And, that’s this week’s search engine optimization copywriting tip!

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