An SEO Writer Has Her First $1,000 Day with $10,000 More in Work Already Lined Up – Here’s How She Did It


This morning I logged on super early (for me), because I have a day trip planned and am rushing to get ready; I opened up my email and had an update from an SEO writer I dubbed “Cold Calling Carol.” If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that she’s the freelance writer who emailed me last June wanting to try something different to drum up SEO writing jobs.

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She took my advice and has been able to grow her business to the point where she now employs three people. Following is her latest email – the best one yet.

FYI, here are all the links in this SEO writing series. Here’s Cold Calling Carol’s latest update (all bold emphasis are mine).

Hey Yuwanda!

Happy NEW YEAR! I hope all is well in your world. I figured I would give you a cold calling carol update. It’s only 1/20 and I already made $3,000 in revenue for my business!

In fact, I had my 1st 1,000 day!

The [client] I cold called in the summer is keeping me very busy, he has been hit hard by Google Panda, and he is paying me well to clean it up. He just gave me a $2,000 project, and after this is complete, he has an $8,000 project for me to complete with some smaller ones in between. He even told me he had another writer to help, but he prefers me. He really likes my work!

I know I can’t rely on him for all of my income, but he has given me confidence to approach other [professionals in his niche]. The rest of my income is coming from social media management, and I just signed a contract with an up and coming yelp like directory to write 20 blogs for them at $500 bucks a month for 6 months!

I have 2 writers I outsource to, and [my mate] helps me with social media management. I hope this post inspires your readers. Mind you this is marketing I did in August that is now paying off today! I am on my phone so it is hard to type. I will keep you updated.


My Response

Following are a few things I want to point out about this update from this SEO writer.

1. There is a lot of work in SEO writing: This underscores that there is tons – tons – of SEO writing work out there if you’re willing to be proactive in going after it.

2. Do something different: While SEO writing (freelance writing in general really) is a cyclical profession, when the going gets tough (or slow), you may have to try different marketing methods to bring in the business. Or, up your marketing efforts. For example, if you’re used to sending out 50 emails and landing at least a couple of jobs, you may have to send out 150 to land the same number when times are slow.

This freelancer decided to try something different; she started cold calling — something she really didn’t want to do – in July/August. These are traditionally two of the slowest months in editorial. And, look at how it’s paid off for her, which brings me to my next point . . .

3. Be patient; marketing takes times sometimes to work. As she pointed out in her email, “Mind you this is marketing I did in August that is now paying off today!” So be patient.

Just because you send out 50 emails or call 20 firms, don’t expect to get work now (although most often you will). But if said it until I’m blue in the face, the success in marketing comes from being CONSISTENT with it. You keep doing it and I practically guarantee that you will get work.

4. Hire help, ie – outsource work to other writers — when you get busy. This allows you to grow your business.

5. Don’t rely on one client for all of your business. While it’s nice to have one client to keep you busy, don’t stop marketing for work. Again, hire others. This is where real growth – and making REAL money – comes in. When you don’t have to do every project that comes in, but you STILL make money from it, well . . . that’s business ownership at its best.

Any advice you’d want to add/questions you have? Please feel free to relay them in the comments section below.

Hope this inspires you – and a big thanks to Cold Calling Carol for her update – and success! She’s earned it.

Have a great one!
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2 Comments so far

  1. Beth on February 2nd, 2012

    That’s just fantasic! I’m certainly no where near there yet, but I’m doing well. As of yesterday, I have been in business for two weeks and have five clients and have been paid and / or contracted for over $800 worth of work.

    It’s funny my fears tend to be half, “This will never work for me. I’ll never make any money,” and “I’m going to get too much business too quickly and get overwhelmed.”

    Reading Carol’s success puts me squarely in the second camp, which is where I’d rather be!

    Yeah, Carol!


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