SEO Copywriting: 5 Tips on How to Find Content Writing Jobs No Matter Where You Live


SEO copywriting is a career you can do from anywhere. It’s a growing niche in freelance writing where it’s relatively easy to land jobs, if you indeed know how to write SEO content and have good marketing skills.

Not only do I know this from my own first-hand experience, the results from others who’ve written in to me back this up (in the form of testimonials on the SEO writing ebook page) . But, there are still some who struggle and/or don’t quite believe that this “writing for the web” thing can work out for them.

Yesterday in’s newsletter which discussed why content marketing is providing plenty of work for freelance writers (specifically SEO writers), the emails of a couple of doubtful freelancers were featured.

SEO Writer from the Philippines Has His First $1,000 Week

After that newsletter went out, I receive the following email from an SEO writer living in the Philippines.

He wrote:

As usual, another valuable newsletter. Thanks so much for all the support you provide. Just to update you, I’m busier than ever. In fact, this will be my best week to date (and it’s only Wednesday)! I’ve already broken $1000 for the week for the first time and may end up close to $1500. [emphasis added] Granted, some of this is money coming from bigger projects already completed, but still a very good week.

I am amazed and humbled that others are having trouble tapping into this business. I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to land several well paying clients, and I still have my steady 100 marketing emails going out every week. I seem to add a client or two each week from them, and I pay my niece to send them out for me.

I can also attest to the fact that location makes little difference. I’m living in the Philippines, but I don’t tell people until they become clients and start working with them. [emphasis added] At that point, I think it’s helpful for them to know the time zone difference. Other than the time zones, I don’t think location is all that big a deal.

Again, thanks for all you do, and keep encouraging those that haven’t quite made it yet. All I can say is the good paying jobs are out here, and all they need to do to get them is follow your plan from the [SEO writing] ebook.

Kind Regards,


This freelancer proves the point – extremely well I might add – that location has little to do with making money as an SEO content writer.

SEO Copywriter Earning $1,000 Per Week in Less than 5 Months

And not for nothing, this writer just started his SEO writing career last November. So in just 5 months, he’s already had his first $1,000 week.

Now that I hope I’ve convinced you that there’s tons of SEO article writing (aka internet copywriting, web copywriting, web writing, etc.) work out there, following are a few tips for getting it if you’re concerned about location being a problem.

How to Get Jobs Writing for the Web No Matter Where You Live: 5 Tips

I. Market Consistently: Did you notice what the SEO copywriter above said he’s doing? He’s consistently marketing (a lot!) – sending out more than 100 emails a week.

And, this is exactly what I did when I first started back in 2007. Doing this, I got so busy so quick, that I had to hire other writers to help me within the first couple of months. Now while the industry has matured and it may not happen that quick for you, as this writer (remember he just started last November) proves, there’s still tons of work out there.

But you can’t sit on your kister and wait for it to come to you. You gotta go after it!

FYI, in the SEO writing ebook, I tell you who to contact, what to say and a few more things to make marketing for this type of work seamless, especially if you have no previous experience.

II. On Targeting Clients: No matter where you live, target clients you want to do business with. So if you live in Ireland, the UK or Timbuktu and you want to do business with American and Canadian companies, then target those companies.

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it makes it a truly “global economy.” I work with/have worked with clients from Ireland, England, Iceland (yes, Iceland!), the UK and Canada (and a few more places I’m sure I’m forgetting).

And, I’m pretty mobile. Sometimes I’m in New York visiting friends; other times in Minnesota visiting ex-boyfriends; other times in Miami on vacation and now living semi-permanently in Jamaica. And you know what? It hasn’t affected my client load one bit.

III. Leave Out Location: The very first article writing client I landed was with a Canadian internet marketing firm (I’m American). But you know what, they didn’t ask me where I was from; what they asked for were search engine optimized writing samples.

Now, the time difference did come up when it came to scheduling a call; but that can happen when you live in the East in the U.S. and are dealing with clients in the West.

It’s been my experience that if clients like your writing, they could care less about your location; so don’t make it an issue. Don’t put your location on your website (my SEO writing company site doesn’t have it); don’t mention it in your correspondence (unless the client asks); and don’t bring it up in conversation — again, unless the client asks.

IV. Properly Use Technology: Piggybacking on the last point, use “universal” communications tools on your SEO writing website. With technology like Skype, free conference calling software; and free phone calling software (eg, the magicJack); you don’t have to be “location specific.” All clients care about is if they can get in touch with you.

I don’t use any of this (although I’m gonna FINALLY get Skype soon); I just list an email address. That’s worked brilliantly for me.

Right now, I’m in Jamaica, I had to call a client in the states just a couple of days ago. I used gmail. You can make free phone calls if you have a gmail account to/from certain countries (at least for the rest of this year).

V. Be Skilled: I’ve received several comments from some writers in countries other than the U.S. and Canada who say they find it hard to get decent rates as writers. Then, when I click through to their blogs/websites, it’s very easy to see that English is not their first language.

Getting the SEO Writing Rates You Want: The Most Important Tip of All to Keep in Mind

If you want to get what you consider a decent SEO writing rate, you must, must, must be fluent in the language of your potential client.

As the Content Marketing Institute report on why large companies use content marketing discussed in yesterday’s post on highlighted, one of the main reasons companies commission SEO content is to help brand them.

A company’s brand is everything to them; it’s why they exist, what they live up to, the promise they make customers and the reason customers trust them. Businesses spend thousands to protect it, nurture it, spread it and expand upon it.

So you better bring the talent — and at a minimum this means being fluent in their language. Otherwise, you’re not going to get a “decent rate,” or any rate.

And not for nothing, but language can get very nuanced. For example, “British English” is different from “American English” — they say “lift”; Americans say “elevator.” So this is no small thing. One slip gives away whether or not you’re fluent; you can’t fake it.

Hope this insight helps, and good luck landing SEO writing jobs – no matter where you live.

P.S.: Did you sign up for the SEO copywriter training class in Jamaica yet?


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