New SEO Writer Lands 2 clients in less than 5 hours: 4 Q’s He Asked That May Help You Do the Same


A new freelancer who bought my ebook on SEO writing landed 2 clients in just five hours. He sent in some questions that I think may help others who are just starting out. Below are his questions and my answers to them.

As this proves, if you’re willing to take action, SEO writing is a very viable career choice. As I wrote in my post on yesterday,In light of the article, Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs, in the New York Times, . . . There is no job security anymore other than what you give yourself.”

Even if you have a job that you think is secure, always have a side gig (become a freelance writer, sell clothes on ebay, design websites, etc.).

My parents taught me this at an early age. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten. And it’s particularly relevant with the state of the economy now, and the way the global economy has changed “job security,” which was discussed on the above-referenced post on yesterday.


Okay, on to this SEO copywriter’s questions. He wrote:

Hi. This question is about your ebook on earning $250.00 per day as an SEO writer. Does it matter if I’m searching for “[search term in ebook]” in quotes or not? Also, if I don’t have a specialized niche yet, and I’m not sure which I’d like to focus on, is that okay?

Are you saying to contact each of these companies (including the ones I haven’t heard from about work yet) once a month with the same letter to request work?

Thanks, and I’m beginning to impliment these strategies tonight. I am hoping that this will transform my writing business into something much more lucrative and secure for my family.

Thanks again,

Note: In the ebook on SEO writing, I outline a marketing strategy that got me work quick. It tells you what to search for, how and how often.

My Anwers:

1. My Answer on Using Quotes When You Conduct a Search

It does not matter if you use quotes or not when you search. You will find your target either way.

2. My Answer on Whether or Not to Establish a Niche

I started out as a niche writer, but you don’t have to. Right now your niche could be “SEO writing.” As most clients will want you to write on a wide variety of topics, not pitching yourself as a niche writer is perfectly fine. I started with a niche b/c I felt more comfortable pitching myself this way and getting the rates I wanted.

3. My Answer on How Often to Pitch and Why

You can use the same pitch email, or mix it up with different offers. That’s up to you. And yes, ALWAYS pitch companies you haven’t gotten work from. Many you will never get assignments from and some may not hire you for months. BUT, it’s consistency in marketing that lands clients. Your email may land in their inbox at just the right moment (eg, their old SEO writer can’t take on more projects, they just got a new client and need more writers, etc.).

A few hours later, I received another email from this writer. He wrote:

Thanks Ruwanda! [sic; my name is spelled Yuwanda]

I modeled your pricing structure exactly. I am getting companies saying that my $XXX rate (for super bulk orders) is good, but I’m not sure how to respond. Do I say, “OK then, submit $1500.00 to paypal”? Do I ask for half? Do I say that I’m ready to start work and I’ll send them a bill? What should I do next? I feel a little awkward at this point because I’m not sure how to respond.

I appreciate the follow-up very much. I’ve gotten 2 clients in less than 5 hours since sending query letters. (emphasis added) I’ll be happy to write a short testimonial for you, if you’d like.

Thanks again,

4. My Response to How to Ask for Upfront Payment

I always ask for half up front from new clients, so ask them to submit half of the proposed job to your payment processor (I use PayPal, as discussed in the ebook). Tell them the remainder is due upon completion of the project, which you will submit an invoice to them for via PayPal (if that is the payment processor you use).
BTW, be careful of doing really large orders for clients, even if they are paying half up front. UNLESS you feel like you will not have lost anything if they don’t pay the remaining balance.
And yes, a testimonial would be nice.
Good luck . . . and congrats on your success thus far!

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