SEO Content Writing: Do You Land More Gigs If You Specialize?


Night before last, I received the following email from someone interested in the SEO Writing / Upwork Course e-class. Sometimes, when you’ve been doing for so long, you assume that some things are automatically known by everyone. That’s why I thought this was a very good question that those unfamiliar with writing SEO content might not know.

Should SEO Writers Specialize in a Niche, or Not?

He wrote:

From what I have read so far, my understanding is that an SEO copywriter normally works as a generalist, not in a particular niche. Is this understanding correct, or can it be both?

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Why There Will Always be a Need for SEO Copywriters

Learn more about why there’ll always be a need for professional SEO content writers (the points made in this post haven’t changed). And, good luck if you decide to pursue this fascinating career.

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