4 Ways to Get More SEO Writing Jobs This Holiday Season


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In the 11/16 post (which gave some in-depth advice on how not to get stiffed by your SEO writing clients), I promised to do a post on how to drum up more freelance writing work during the holidays – and beyond. Well, here it is.

Around this time of year, one of the things I like to do is put together a few special reports that I can distribute to clients – during the season – and into the spring. I’ve talked about writing special reports before to land freelance writing jobs. The link details why this method of marketing is so effective. And, when it comes to SEO writing, there’s so much timely info out there to keep clients abreast of that you’ll never struggle on what to write about.

For example, one report that I’m going to pull together details some of the algorithm changes that Google made this year. I’m going to focus specifically on those that affect SEO CONTENT WRITING, not all the changes (that’s just too much info).

The aim is to make clients aware of how much they need the services of a professional SEO writing company more than ever. 

Land High-Paying SEO Writing Jobs by Writing and Distributing Free Reports

As an aside, in yesterday’s post on InkwellEditorial.com, the issue we addressed was how to land higher-paying freelance writing jobs. One of the things I advise freelancers to do is content marketing (which is just writing and distributing in-depth, informative, free content. See Tip II in that post.

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Creating Special Reports Tips

How Long Should Your Report Be: They don’t have to be that long – 2-5 pages is plenty. Make sure you address a specific issue; ie, a particular pain point that your clients have. It must, must, must be benefits-oriented.

This report is not about you and your business. It’s about clients and the problems they’re having and how your firm just happens to be able to them solve it.

Where to Get Ideas: Questions you may have received from clients; industry specific news articles; and Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers are three great places to start.

Who to Distribute Them To: Existing clients – to keep them in the know; and prospects to introduce them to your services. 

Note: Instead of sending an email pitching your services, send your free report as a “FYI, did you know this?” It can be more effective than a direct “hire us” pitch, putting you on the radar of a firm who may just delete unsolicited “hire us” emails.

3 More Ways to Drum Up Business during the Holiday Season – But Ya Gotta Act Fast! 

If you haven’t started your holiday marketing efforts, there’s still time, but you must get busy like – now! Here are three more excellent ways to land more freelance writing jobs this holiday season.

I’ve had really good success with idea number two discussed here, ie, offering “campaigns” instead of one-hit wonders.

Slowdown Coming?

One final thing – editorial is cyclical, so you may notice a slowdown in the coming weeks. Usually, it happens about the week before Christmas, for obvious reasons. Remember, more than just Christmas is celebrated, ie, Kwanzaa, Chanukah are also coming up.

But market right through. When businesses turn their attention to commerce again around the second/third week of January, you’ll be ahead of the marketing push. Something you send that lands in a  marketing director’s inbox the week before Christmas may be something they file away to get back to after the holidays – especially if it’s beyond the standard “Hire Me” email (eg, a special report).

Good luck landing more SEO writing work this holiday season. Hope these ideas help.

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