A New SEO Writer Asks 3 Questions on SEO Training, Marketing for SEO Writing Jobs & Getting Traffic to Her Site


It’s Friday evening around 7 and I’m just getting started on this newsletter, which is two-and-a-half days late. Sorry about that. This year has been crazy, just crazy so far! All good stuff, but I keep waiting for the “break” to come. So far, no let up in sight.

Freelance Writer Marketing Tip: Here’s an In-Demand Service Right Now

Just a heads up – if you’re not offering ebook writing and editing services as part of your SEO writing business, you’re missing out.

At my SEO writing company, just in the last 6 weeks, we’ve completed two and will start on another one on Monday (if the client forwards the deposit, which she’s promised). And, I’ve fielded queries from 4 more prospects – all within the last three weeks. So, ebook writing and editing jobs are getting more plentiful, as I talked about in the linked-to post. Go after’em!

Now, to the heart of today’s post . . .

Questions from a New Freelance SEO Content Writer

She wrote:

Hi Yuwanda,

Thank you for writing the SEO writing book. It has completely transformed my freelance writing business, and now I have hopes of earning much more than the mere $1,500 I make each month.

I am building a website around it, and I will purchase your more in-depth [SEO] training courses once I can start to make some money at this thing. [Her website URL was listed] I still need to add a video to the website, but it is getting there.

I do have three questions for you, and I hope that you will have the time to answer them.

Here are my questions . . .

1. After I make some money with this new way of doing business, what other SEO training course(s) would you recommend to improve my income? I am looking for digital training that will teach me how to offer even more value to my customers and raise my rates.


You can look at NewMediaWords.biz, to get an idea of all the services I think it’s important to offer. Then, ask yourself, “Which of these skills do I need more experience with?”

In my opinion, social media account management is one I see growing by leaps and bounds over the next few years. And heaven knows, if any more social media sites become popular, clients are going to need some help to stay on top.

In case you don’t know, the biggies right now are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

I remember when it was just Twitter. Then, Facebook exploded (knocking MySpace off the map). Then Pinterest rocketed. And, although Google+ is not as popular as the other social media sites (yet!), you simply can’t ignore it because Google builds some of their search algorithmic changes around it.

So if you’re not social media savvy, learn this skill. Then offer social media account management packages to clients. It’s a perfect complement to the content writing you already do.

2. I am using the marketing idea you talked about in the SEO writing ebook. I wrote the query letter exactly the way you suggested. I think I am probably just approaching the wrong people, as this is not going too well. Do you have other suggestions?

Why it pays to become an Inkwell Editorial ebook affiliate.


The first thing I want to say is, I always advise SEO writers to tailor the marketing letter I use in the ebook to their specific experience. That marketing letter is only a “template” to give you an idea of what to say to clients. Now, to more ideas on marketing for SEO writing jobs.

Note: See info in question below for the rest of this answer to make sense . . .

Target the niches you want to write in. For example, you say you like to write about writing, self-improvement, productivity, etc. So, for example, target writing communities if you want to “write about writing.” There are a gazillion writing websites, blogs, ezines, newsletters, forums, etc., dedicated to writers and writing.

For example, the self-publishing forum on Amazon is one good place to start. Although, you can’t outright market there, you can put a listing to your services in your signature.

Just be sure to offer helpful information when you participate in any forum, otherwise, you’ll be booted out before you can get a foothold in as many members hate those who come JUST to hawk their services.

A good way to find niches to target is to ask yourself, “Where are the people I want to write for?” What organizations do they belong to, where do they hang out online, who services them. For example, web design firms get all kinds of clients. So, targeting them can get you not only jobs in your niche, but writing jobs outside of your niche as well.

FYI, I discuss little-known tactics I’ve used to find freelance writing jobs over the years in this linked-to ebook. It’s really worth its weight in gold – and that comes from freelancers who’ve followed the advice I dispensed in it over the years.

3. I know that I should create a blog to develop some organic traffic, but I just can’t see myself writing SEO articles on a regular basis. Nor do I want to write about Internet marketing, or how to blog, or what Google will do next week, or marketing trends, etc.

I do this stuff anyway for my small group of clients that I acquired as a regular freelancer. I would rather write about writing techniques or productivity or something sexy like that. However, I don’t know if that would take me too far adrift from my main theme.

Do you have any suggestions? I love writing about writing, self-improvement, productivity, and things of that nature. Thank you so much for everything and I hope I will be a good student of yours.



See answer above in Question #2.

Also . . . create a blog or two about the niches you’re passionate about, and post content regularly to those. In addition, you may also want to start an article marketing campaign (as a regular reader, you know I’m an avid article marketer).

And, you should start a newsletter (something I need to do for my SEO writing firm, but I’m so busy that thank goodness, this hasn’t affected my business). This way, you get in the actual inbox of prospects on a regular basis.

This may seem like a lot of writing – and it is!

How Much Time Should You be Spending on Marketing for SEO Writing Jobs on Any Given Day

I spend probably 50-60% of my time marketing my products (ebooks) and services (writing for clients) in one form or another – on a daily basis. Yes, daily! Most of this is some form of writing, eg, articles, newsletters, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc.

These days, about a quarter of my time is spent on the actual writing of new ebooks, the other 10-25% is spent on client projects.

But writers write, no?

What Say You?

Any more advice you can give this newbie? Please share in the comments section below.

Hope this insight helps, and thanks for being such a loyal reader.

P.S. There’s still space in the SEO copywriting class in Jamaica.

Learning SEO is about so much more than learning a new skill; it’s about changing (taking control of) your life! Proof? See average salary of SEO writers in graphic just below.

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