SEO Writers: Are You Leaving Money on the Table by Not Doing This?


A couple of weeks ago, my SEO writing company landed a new client. They hired us to write 28 blog posts per month, as well as to manage their social media account (Twitter) – on an ongoing basis, for the “foreseeable” future (translation: could be long term if they like our work)). I love accounts like this because it’s a nice chunk of change each month coming from one source.

We landed the social media part of this account quite by accident. The person who contacted us is an editor at a magazine. She’s overwhelmed and needed someone she could outsource their blog’s upkeep to. She was so relieved to find out that we did social media as well. It just so happens that they have a Twitter account (and a blog) that was only updated sporadically.

So, our job is to keep the blog updated with content and update their Twitter stream, which of course would include tweeting the content we create for them.

SEO Content Writing and Social Media: It’s So Easy to Bundle Services and Earn More

As an SEO writer, you can easily increase the amount you earn from each client by offering social media account management. They are a match made in marketing heaven because as an SEO writer, you already do the hard part, ie, creating the content. Distributing it (via the client’s social media account for one) is the next natural step.

FYI, the article, 12 things to do after you write a blog post, give some excellent insight how and where to distribute SEO content after it’s written (see number 8 and 10, specifically).

You’ve read here many times that I’m an avid article marketer. And the reason is, you can write the best content in the world, but if no one reads it, it’s as effective as diddly squat! I argue that distribution is just as important as creating the content. One isn’t effective without the other.

So, if you don’t already, you might want to consider adding social media consulting to your SEO writing business’s list of services. The social media component of this clients’ contract is about 20% of the total contract. If this client is with us for a year, just that part of it alone is a nice chunk of change.

Just something to think about.

FYI, here’s more insight into the benefits of bundling your freelance (SEO) writing services.

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