Publisher Note: This seminar is no longer offered in person (ie, in Jamaica). You can still take the e-version of it though.

How would you like to train for a career where you can earn $50,000 to $75,000 per year?

As a freelance SEO copywriter, you can. In case you didn’t know, the average salary for a SEO content writer in the U.S. is $66,000 as of this writing. Freelancers can earn even more because they set their own rates. Also, they can have as many/few clients as they want.

Note: If you can’t take the class in Jamaica, you can take it online immediately and work at your own pace. Just click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of this page.

Earn While You Live / Work in Exotic Locations Like Jamaica

The April 2013 SEO seminar in Negril was a huge success — so much so that I’ll be giving another one in May 2014 in Jamaica. I asked participants to answer a few questions about the seminar. Following is what they said:

1. Did you feel like you got your money’s worth? Yes, yes, yes! And the setting was priceless. Pretty hotel right on the beach.

2. Was the seminar too long / too short? Perfect length. Lot of info covered in the two-day time span.

3. Did you learn things you didn’t know about SEO writing before you took the seminar? If so, what? Yes, and I know a bit about working online and SEO. [I learned about] Themed content, tons of marketing ideas, tricks in performing keyword research. Some things I would have never thought of doing to find out what surfers are REALLY looking for.

The long-tailed keyword research tips were really invaluable. Also, the invoicing tips and info about how to deal with clients. Everything from initial conversation, to follow-up, and more are treasured nuggets.

4. Do you feel like the course prepared you to realistically start a successful SEO writing career? Yes, definitely. The manual provided by Yuwanda for the course is VERY DETAILED. And the actual in-class work and keyword homework were great learning tools.

The feedback she provided immediately on the homework was very helpful. She took each student’s assignment and shared it, along with her feedback, so we could learn from the other.

5. What would you change, add, cut, etc.? I wouldn’t cut a thing. I would add more in-class sample writing.

6. Any additional comments you’d like to add, eg, accommodations, travel preparations, etc.? Yuwanda’s small business knowledge is incredible. Lots of first-hand advice. She knows this business and was very open and candid in her discussions about small business and SEO.

She’s a very open teacher; if you ask her something, she’ll tell you and expound upon it, never sugar-coating. Loved the class. Can’t wait for more.~CB

Read what others have said about this SEO course.

Why Is This SEO Course Given in Jamaica?

If you’re a regular reader of my sites and blogs, you know that I spend a lot of time in Negril, Jamaica. Since I started blogging about my adventures as a freelancer living in this island paradise, I’ve received a ton of questions from people who want to visit. They inquire about what to do, where to go, where to stay, what to see, is it safe, etc. Many even want to meet/visit me there!

So I decided to combine business and pleasure, and put together this on-site SEO copywriter training course. Now that you have some background, following are the specifics on the next one in Jamaica. And, you can even bring a friend/mate (more on that in the details below).

About me: course instructor.

Get Much More Insight about This Course.

Details on the May 2014 SEO Copywriter Training Course in Jamaica!

7 Mile Beach, Negri JamaicaThe Infamous 7-Mile Beach in Negril


Date: May 21-25, 2014

Attendee Limit: 15 Students — First come basis. (I’m limiting enrollment because I want to be really hands-on, answering questions in detail so that when you leave, you’ll not only possess foundational knowledge of SEO, but you’ll know how to go about starting the type of freelance SEO content writing business YOU want).

Location: Negril, Jamaica [Note: You can bring a friend/mate, as you’ll, of course, have your own room and your accommodations will be paid for!]

Schedule: Following is how it all pans out. Note that classes start late enough to rest from the fun of the night before, but early enough to get in a full day of training. And, you end early enough to get in some amazing beach time (the water is so warm, and the sunsets are so amazing, you’re gonna want to get in as much beach time as possible).

Paradise — It Does Exist: Here are a few of my personal photos that illustrate what I mean: Sunset on 7-Mile Beach in Negril; horseman on beach at sunset; 7-Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica; horseback riding on the beach; the cliffs of Negril (and yes, the ocean really is that blue!). Click for enlarged views.

Wed 5/21/2014: Arrive and settle in

Thur 5/22/2014: Class from 10-4:30 (FYI, there will be one to two hours of homework per night to complete after the class).

Fri 5/23/2014: Class from 10-4:30

Sat 5/24/2014: Full free day to do what you want.

Sun 5/25/2014: Checkout. You’re not gonna wanna leave . . . trust me! 🙁

Cost: $1,097 or $1,497.  It’s only $1,247 if you pay for or reserve a spot before September 1, 2013 (save $250)You can reserve your space for just $147 and pay the rest off at any time in any increment before 4/21/2014 (more on this below).

FYI, these rates INCLUDE your accommodations for 5 days, 4 nights (don’t forget you can bring a friend/mate). Yes, you read that right!

Note: Pay $1,097. Before I gave the first on-site seminar in April (2013), I had several people contact me saying that they either live in Negril or travel there frequently. Hence, they didn’t need accommodations. If this is the case — or you just want to handle your own accommodations — then you can attend the seminar for the regular rate of $1,097. All other details remain the same.

REMEMBER: You’ll leave the course with a concrete marketing plan detailing exactly how to go about earning $50,000 to $75,000/year.

Where You’ll Stay: Rooms on the Beach. You can take a virtual tour of the hotel here.

Remember, I personally viewed this hotel and attendees stayed their for the April 2013 seminar. I travel a lot and if you’ve ever seen something online and think that it’s great, only to be disappointed upon arrival, then you know why I did this. So, what you see on this virtual tour is exactly what you get. And like I said, the staff couldn’t be more professional and nice (something the video can’t tell you).

To refresh your memory, following are some of the details I found important …

About Rooms on the Beach Hotel in Negril

It is aptly named in that it is “right on the beach” (10 steps and you’re there);

Large closet;

Large room (some hotels can make you feel squeezed; not this one, the rooms are very spacious);

Flat-screen TV (with cable);

Great amenities (eg, coffee maker right in your room which is replenished with supplies daily);

Large; roomy shower (really nice bathrooms all around);

Two beds in each room;

In-room safe for valuables;

Nice, cold AC (a lot of the hotels here have AC, of course, but it doesn’t get cold enough sometimes);

Balcony and/or terrace off each room (depends on which floor you’re on);

Security (almost every hotel here has this too, but this one is super secure – you won’t have to worry about a thing – eg, no one who’s not staying at the hotel can enter);

Free Wi-Fi (in the lobby only (not in your room, although you can pay for access to it on a daily/weekly basis if you want)). This was the only downside to this hotel IMO; and

Extra-nice hotel staff – they couldn’t have been more accommodating to my gazillion questions. I met the hotel manager herself and she personally escorted me around.

The hotel is relatively new, so everything is super nice (a lot of the hotels here, though nice, can be dated). Not this one, everything is super shiny, extra clean and just all-around nice.

Remember, the cost of your hotel is INCLUDED in the price of this SEO writing course.

And, you can bring a friend/loved one at no extra cost, as your room includes two beds.

BONUS: You’ll get to experience Jamaica from someone with first-hand experience, so you can look forward to this trip without the worries of where to go, what to do and how to stay safe.

Get the Negril Travel Guide Free

Negril on the Cheap: What to Do, See, Eat and DrinkOnce you’ve paid for the course in full, I’ll send you the “Negril Travel Guide” (written by me).

It details everything you need to know about where to eat cheaply; best places to drink cheaply; tourist traps to avoid; where to take the best photos; how to get around safely; day trips you can take — and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s gonna make your Jamaica experience memorable.

Click cover for a larger view.

FAQs about the SEO Writing Class in Jamaica

Where Will Classes for This SEO Writing Seminar in Jamaica be Held? You don’t even have to leave your hotel grounds. The hotel has a conference room, and the class will be held there.

What Happens After You Sign Up for the SEO Copywriter Training Seminar? I will send you a confirmation email letting you know that your spot has been secured.

Then around mid-April (2014), you’ll receive final details. As soon as you sign up though, your spot in the class is secured. The only thing you’re responsible for after this is …

Your Airfare to Negril: I suggest subscribing to the newsletters of major airlines near you so you can get their (usually weekly) deals and discounts. The best deals are usually 30-60 days before departure. Note: I specifically scheduled the class around Memorial Day (a major U.S. holiday) because airlines usually offer some great deals around this time to the Caribbean.

Jamaica Travel Tip: April 15th starts the slow season in Negril (another reason I chose the dates I did for the seminar). Slow season runs through December 15th.

Question about this class from a Facebook fan. He wrote:

You have an ebook on SEO copy writing – does some of this material merge? What’s the difference between the Ecourse and the live training in Jamaica? I may be interested in joining up, but Jamaica would be an addition expense from here in Ireland 🙂

You have an ebook on SEO copy writing – does some of this material merge? Yes, out of necessity, ie, what is SEO and how to write SEO content.

What’s the difference between the e-course and the live training in Jamaica? The differences are mainly:

(i) Role playing as it involves actual clients — I recount actual scenarios that have happened to me and ask how you’d respond, then give feedback from there); and

(ii) Q&A about YOUR type of SEO writing business — Defining a niche and determining how to market to it is extremely important and many students struggle with this. In the live version of the course, I help students do this and answer all the questions they have as they flesh out this plan;

(iii) Live feedback on your writing samples and keyword research abilities; and finally

(iv) Direct access to me — So many students have asked me over the years to provide hands-on coaching (eg, via telephone or live video) because they want someone in front of them to answer their questions immediately. Unfortunately, my schedule just doesn’t allow for this. And, that’s one of the reasons I put this class together.

I’ll be right there in front of you to answer all of your questions. This will go a long way towards alleviating any start-up fears many have.

I hope this insight helps, and I look forward to the possibility of meeting you in Jamaica. And speaking of …

Jamaica: The Best Value in the Caribbean

Many who come to Jamaica come back year after year after year; not only because of its natural beauty, but because it’s one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) destinations in the Caribbean. And, once you know what to do — and what not to do — you can have so much fun.

This one trip will give you some invaluable experience that you can use to have more fun — cheaply — if you decide to come back to this Caribbean paradise (and 9 times out of 10, you will!).

Who Should “NOT” Take This Course

Yes, there are those who are not suited for this type of freelance business, ie:

Those who don’t like/want to work from home;

Those who aren’t self-motivated;

Those who are afraid of running their own business (because this is what you’re learning how to do — start and grow a home-based writing business);

Those who can’t work independently; and/or

Those who don’t worry about job security.

If any of these apply to you, then this course is not for you. But if you’ve always dreamed of running your own business, working from home and having income security (as opposed to “job” security), this is an ideal business to start. And you’ll have all the tools you need to do so successfully once you complete the training.

The SEO Writer Who Landed a $24,000 Contract

Speaking of “income security”, read about the SEO writer who landed a $24,000 contract (yep, twenty-four thousand dollars — not a typo)? With that being said, here’s …

How to Register for This SEO Writing Seminar

Payment/Deposit: Reserve your space in the class for only $147 (see payment schedule in “Important Dates to Remember” section below). Send all payments via PayPal to payment@inkwelleditorial.com. Put “SEO Jamaica” in Subject line.

Don’t have a PayPal account? It’s free, quick and easy to open one. Once you do, you can pay via major credit card, electronic debit, instant transfer, etc. And it’s completely safe and secure; you never have to reveal any personal info when you pay via PayPal, which is why it’s our preferred method of sending and receiving payments.

About Your Receipt: Your PayPal payment serves as your receipt. Please keep it for your files, as the cost of the class is tax deductible. In fact, keep all of the receipts related to your expenses for this trip for tax purposes.

More Details: SEO Writing Course in Jamaica

Deadline to Register: April 21, 2014 (or until class is sold out; remember, there’s limited registration).

Airport to Fly Into: You’ll be flying into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, which is about an hour and 15 minutes from Negril.

Getting to Negril from Montego Bay: From the airport, you’ll take the JUTA to Negril.

How to Get to Negril from the Montego Bay Airport Cheaply (This Knowledge Alone Can Save You $75+!)

As previously mentioned, Negril is about an hour to an hour and 15 minute drive from Montego Bay.

DON’T take a taxi. They will charge you anywhere from $60 to $100 or more to get to Negril. But, you can do it cheaper. It’s a “secret” I’m surprised more tourists don’t know about. The JUTA is a bus that picks up people staying in popular hotels in Negril from the Montego Bay airport. You’ll pay $25 EACH WAY as of this writing.

The JUTA bus will drop you off and pick you up right in front of your hotel. You pay on the bus, usually right before you’re let off, or when you get to the JUTA office in Negril. You can pay in American or Jamaican dollars. I always advise Jamaican.

FYI, there’ll be more info on currency exchange – and a whole bunch of other stuff – in the “Negril Travel Guide” all course participants will receive.

When to Book Your Flight to Jamaica: I usually book mine 30 to 60 days out.

Passport Needed: If you’re a U.S. citizen, you need a passport to enter Jamaica (I don’t think that’s true for English citizens, as Jamaica was a British colony until its independence in 1962). At any rate, check with your country’s INS (or similar) department, to find out what you need.

If you have any more questions, send them in and I’ll post updates here.

Recap: Important Dates to Remember

Deadline to Register: April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014: Deadline for balance of payment due.

May 21, 2014: Arrive in Jamaica!

May 22, 2014: Start training.

Payment Schedule: You can send payments in however you want, eg, pay the balance all at once, or a little at a time. We track it for you.

If you reserve your space with a deposit ($147), the balance is due on/before April 21, 2014, ie:

$950 is due on/before 4/21/2014 if you’re paying $1,097 just for the course and don’t need hotel reservations;

$1,100 is due on/before 4/21/2014 if you reserved your spot before 9/1/2013; or

$1,350 is due on/before 4/21/2014 if you reserved a space after 9/1/2013.

Note: No refunds will be given after 4/21/2014; no exceptions.

Additional Questions: If you have additional questions, you can always email me [info-at-InkwellEditorial.com]. As I get a lot of email, put “SEO Jamaica” in subject line so I can find your inquiry in my Inbox quickly.

See you in paradise!

P.S.: Remember, learning SEO is about so much more than learning a new skill; it’s about changing (taking control of) your life!




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