SEO Writers: Here’s One Way to Land Some Long-Term Clients


Reel in Long-Term Clients

How? Here’s one way. It requires a little work on your part and some time to work, but it can pay off big in securing long-term clients over the long haul.

  1. Send clients a simple question. This can be done via email. Ask them what keyword(s) they’re NOT ranking for that they would like to rank for.
  2. Once they answer, use this keyword research tool to craft a series of prospective articles. The reason they’re prospective is you’re not going to write them (yet). You’re going to do some keyword research to come up with a list of titles for some “themed posts.”
  3. Send the client a list of 5 titles of proposed articles. Do a little explanation of what themed content is and why it ranks so well. Tell them that adding content like this — over time — to their website/blog will start to increase traffic.

Why Does This Work

Number one, it shows clients that you know your stuff as an SEO writer. Secondly, it whets their appetite for the proposed titles you come up with. Third, it plants the seed that you’re interested not in “just writing” for them — but in growing their blog traffic.

And finally — I’ll bet you’ll be one of the only freelance writers to take this approach — making you stand out more.

Again, this does take some upfront work on your part. But even if you land just a few clients, you’ll be able to charge more for your services, because you’re providing so much more than “just writing.” And again, these clients will likely  be more loyal to you because you’ll be getting results for them.

About the Keyword Research Software You’ll be Using

The name of it is Web Content Studio. Andy Williams is the creator. It tells you the words and phrases that you need to use to write about a topic as if you were an authority.

It does this by analyzing the top ranked page(s) in Google for the term you’re targeting and brings back (ie, spits out) the key words and phrases used on those pages so you can use them in your content. 

Write SEO Content for Your Clients – and Charge a Premium for It

I personally know of a few SEO writers who swear by this software. They use it to seamlessly write themed SEO content for their clients. In fact, that’s how I became aware of it.

Learn more about how one freelance writer learned of Andy’s software and began charging a premium for this type of content because he was getting such great results for his clients.

P.S.: Get trained to start this high-paying, freelance writing career.

Remember, when you learn how to write SEO content, you learn so much more than this one skill because it gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your financial future.

Have questions? Send an email to info**at** Note: is an Inkwell Editorial property. You can also contact me via Inkwell Editorial’s Facebook page.

P.P.S.: The average salary of SEO writers has fluctuated between $40K to around $70K since I started tracking it in 2009. That’s thousands of dollars above the median household income in the U.S.

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