SEO Content Writing: The Best Way to Get Some Experience Under Your Belt


Written by Yuwanda Black

Back in October, I received the following question from an aspiring SEO writer. I decided to share it for two reasons: (i) it’s a frequently asked question; and (ii) information gets buried on blogs, making it hard to find.

Hope this insight helps, and if you have questions about freelance / SEO writing, feel free to send them in.

Question from a Hopeful Freelance Writer

Good Afternoon Yuwanda,

I hope all is well. I am very interested in having a successful copywriting career. I look at your [freelance writing] opportunities weekly and have even applied to some of them. My dilemma is that I have no experience. I started writing a blog on entrepreneurship but wanted to get your advice on the best way to get some experience under my belt? Please advise. Thank you so much!

How to Get SEO Writing Jobs with No Experience

The Quickest Way to Land Freelance / SEO Writing Jobs with No Experience

Before I share the answer I gave this freelancer, I just want to say point blank that the best way to get experience is to create some writing samples from scratch. They don’t have to be for/from actual writing jobs you’ve done. Create them in the niche you want to specialize in, then start contacting companies directly.

You can cold call, email, send post cards, network via Chamber of Commerce meetings, etc.

If your writing samples are good and your rates are reasonable, you will land jobs I practically guarantee it. Why?

Because in this age of content marketing, clients need more copy than ever. And freelancers fulfill the need most of the time, as I discussed in this article.

Now, to the answer I gave her.

My Answer


First, glad you find the site helpful — it’s for aspiring newbies just like you! In answer to your question, here are some links to some posts on this site, and it’s child site, that give some insight.

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FYI, there’s an SEO Writing Business Challenge going on right now that you might be interested in.

Hope the info on these links help — and good luck!

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What have you found is the best way to get some freelance / SEO writing experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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That’s $15,000 above the median household income in the U.S. right now.

SEO Writer Salary 2014

Remember, when you learn how to write SEO content, you learn so much more than this one skill because it gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your financial future.

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