How One SEO Writer Landed 6 Jobs in One Month — with 3 More “On the Hook”


Written by Yuwanda Black

First let me say, I’m sorry for the tardiness of this post. It was supposed to be published the day before yesterday (Wednesday), but I needed a “mental health” day and took that day off. Yesterday, I was catching up on playing hooky on Wednesday; hence, today’s publication date.

Following is an email I received from a fellow freelance (SEO) writer on February 26th. She wanted to share her story in order to inspire those who may be on the fence about freelancing and/or are having a hard time landing writing gigs.

I’m pretty much passing this along to you verbatim; only changing a few minor details to protect her identity. I thought it would be a great way to start the weekend – and hopefully inspire you to get started on your freelance dreams.

FYI, she doesn’t have any magic powers, special potions, or inside secrets (none of us do). She’s just a hustler (the good kind) who decided on the kind of life she wanted and went after it with gusto. You can do the same! Without further ado, here’s her inspiring story.

SEO Writing Jobs Pouring In

Hello Yuwanda,

Getting SEO Writing JobsI hope you are well and enjoyed your birthday and month of love. I am not sure why, but something compelled me to write you and share something with your readers. I am sure they will appreciate the information.

As you know, I am struggling with this whole “writing for business” thing, but as you know this girl still needs to get paid cuz she likes to travel. So I will take money any way it comes in as long as is legal and safe.

Anyhoo, so get this. I have done NO marketing for writing at all. I know I should but I have been getting so lazy with my laid back (freelance) lifestyle. However, just this last month alone, here are the companies that I have been writing for and getting leads to write for.

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs Landed in Just One Month: 6 (with 3 More on Tap!)

  1. Document management company (4 blog posts): $35 each. I know I still need to raise my rates, but you know $35 is a big step for me.  Blogs on storing electronic medical records, digital lockboxes for account payables, etc.
  1. Electrician company SEO home page: Special rate for my SEO guy who has given me so much business. In fact, he gave me the referral above.
  1. A limousine company: SEO home page.
  1. 2 mini sales pages: These are for a long-time client on erectile dysfunction product ($200).
  1. 10 SEO service area pages: For bookkeeper promoting her services ($25/page).
  1. 3 Pages for Yoga School: Just sent an invoice to write three pages of optimized content for a yoga school ($275); includes editing and optimization.

3 Writing Jobs on the Hook

  1. In talks with a content management company: Think company like Hubspot. They need social media management and 4 blog posts. Possible $800/month. This prospect is a referral from a colleague who had too much on her plate. All I did was write her to say hello and to see how she was doing. I wasn’t expecting to talk business, but she handed this contact over to me during the course of our contact.
  1. In talks with Moving storage company: They need someone to overhaul their entire website. This would include rewriting and optimizing over 350 articles in the course of 4-6 months.  Plus they need 4 additional blog posts/month. This has the potential to earn me $600 per month over the course of the next few months. I’m just waiting on him to fix the infrastructure and backend of the website to get started.
  1. Have a meeting next week with another document management company: This is a referral from the client referred to in number one here.

Ongoing Work: Referrals are Worth Their Weight in Gold

All of the above doesn’t even include the social media management I do right now for 4 active clients. And get this — one of my clients has three businesses, so in essence I have seven different social media clients I am managing right now.

The funny thing about this is that all of the clients that I am working with right now are referrals from a SEO guy that I cold called 8 years ago. One referral was from a business coach I used to network with in person a few years ago. The thing is … word of mouth works and I am grateful for it; even my current social media clients are from a referral.

I know the challenges, doubts and insecurities that freelance writers go through. I am one of them!!! And I just wanted to give them an idea of what’s possible (without even trying).

The only thing I need to do now is really budget better and really hire help; like a V/A. I know you have been telling me the SAME thing for years, Yuwanda, but you know I am STUBBORN until it’s too late. Lol. 🙂

Anyhoo, I hope this helps and encourages the freelance writers to stop being SCARED and take action. I am getting this kind of work and I haven’t even marketed! Some of these people have been with me for more than three years!

I am writing this to say that there are people out there that need SEO services. I have been fortunate enough that I don’t have to market as much. However, I am going to start marketing again (this girl needs bank for an upcoming vacation!). So Imagine if I start marketing, I have no doubt that I will be successful as I was back in the day, however, I have to HIRE help.  As I get older, I just don’t have that same energy any more as I did in my 20’s.

My 2 Cents

The one thing I hope this post underscores for you is that there is a ton of SEO writing work out there. And did you notice the diversity of the businesses? Every kind from electricians, to bookkeepers, to erectile dysfunction pushers. You can’t get a broader range than that!

This is because everyone with a website/blog needs content to thrive, ie, get found in search engines so traffic can start flowing – which brings leads and sales. And companies are spending money on content – lots of companies. Proof?

As I wrote in a post on Inkwell Editorial’s* Facebook page recently …

Content marketing takes the spotlight for the 77% of companies that plan to up their digital marketing budgets in 2015: What does this mean for freelance writers? Work! Lots of work. Also on the list are an increase in SEO spending and social media marketing spending (see this recent post on how to take advantage of that:

Finally, I disagree with one thing this freelancer said, ie “I just wanted to give them an idea of what’s possible (without even trying).”

She did try. She took the bull by the horns years ago and invested time in marketing her services (eg, cold calling, in-person networking) – and it’s still paying off for her years later.

I can attest that this is true because these days, I don’t market for SEO writing work that much. About 90% of the jobs my SEO writing company receives comes via referral from an existing client and/or because someone ran across my site (which has been SEO’d to death). For example, New Media Words still ranks on the first page of google for “SEO writing company.”

We used to rank for a lot more keywords, but the site and its FB page does what I need it to do to generate leads, so all the work I did years ago is still paying off (it helps that I got in on the SEO writing game early).

Are you inspired to start an SEO writing career yet? I hope so!

*Note: SEO Writing Jobs is an company.

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