Finding Online / SEO Writing Jobs: Did the Merger of oDesk and Elance Help or Hurt Freelance Writers?


This past Monday, I received the following email from a subscriber.

Hey Yuwanda, I was just wondering what the seo market looks like since two of the major freelance websites merged together and also if you have an active forum in case any questions arise. Thanks.

Did the Merger of oDesk and Elance into Upwork Help or Hurt Freelance Writers

In case you don’t know what he’s talking about, oDesk and Elance merged in the spring of 2015 to become what is now known as Upwork. And whether you love these type of “content mill-like” sites or hate them, they’re not going anywhere.

Head on over to this site’s parent site,, to find out how this merger affects finding freelance writing work.

What’s Your Take on the Freelance Writing Market These Days?

Have you gotten work from sites like Upwork? Have you seen an uptick in demand for your services? A downturn? How do you find writing jobs? Would you ever consider using a site like Upwork? Why/why not? Sound off in the comments section below.

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