SEO Content Writing: Still a Viable Freelance Opportunity in 2017?


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Is SEO Writing Still a Good Freelance Business Opportunity?

SEO writing is still a viable, red-hot freelance profession; primarily because of content marketing, which includes producing all kinds of content. I’ve been doing this type of technical writing since 2007. It literally transformed my freelance writing career and it’s only grown in demand. Proof?

According to the 2017 Content Marketing Institute’s B2B report:

89% of those surveyed use content marketing; and of the 11% nonusers, 52% say they plan to launch a content marketing effort within 12 months;

55% have a small or one-person marketing / content marketing team that serves the entire organization (which means more work for SEO writers because they’re more likely to hire freelancers); and

63% report being extremely or very committed to content marketing.

Benefits of Learning How to Write SEO ContentYou see, SEO content writing is more than just writing articles and blog posts nowadays. Clients want and needs include:

**Social Media Content
**Case Studies
**Web Articles
**White Papers
**Blog Posts
**Lead-Generating Ebooks
**Explanatory Guides
**Video Content
**Lists (Listicles)
**Industry News
**Online Presentations (eg, slideshares, etc.) … and so much more.

As a SEO writer, you are perfectly positioned to give it to them!

The Perfect Mobile Career

It’s a portable business you can do from anywhere — one that can set you financially free with the right training. I travel a lot and recently moved internationally (from Atlanta, GA in the U.S. to Negril, Jamaica).

I haven’t lost one client. Location is simply not an issue. As long as I have a computer and internet connection, I can meet all of my clients’ needs. You can do the same.

A Great Career! Proof? Read about the SEO Writer Who Landed a $24,000 Contract

Yep, twenty-four thousand dollars — not a typo. The writer signed a confidentiality agreement, so he couldn’t share tons of detail. Following is what he did say:

Hi Yuwanda,

Hope all is going well with you. It’s been a while since I communicated, but my [SEO writing] business is going as strong as ever. I just wanted to share some great news I got today. I just landed a client . . . I charge $50 a page now, so the overall . . . project is worth $24,000!!

I just can’t believe it though — $24,000 in . . . income from ONE client!

I want to thank you again for getting me started in this business. It’s been 2 years now, and I’m so grateful that I’m still in business and continuing to grow. I now no longer have to answer to a boss and am able to get paid to do what I really love to do.

I’ve corresponded with this SEO writer for a few years now after he purchased my SEO writing ebook, which got him started in this profession in 2010. Here are some things I know from personal experience that this freelancer has consistently done right.

P.S.: Get trained to start this high-paying, freelance writing career in as little as a week!

Remember, when you learn how to write SEO content, you learn so much more than this one skill because it gives you the knowledge you need to take control of your financial future.

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P.P.S.: The average salary of SEO writers has fluctuated between $40K to around $70K since I started tracking it in 2009. That’s thousands of dollars above the median household income in the U.S.

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