Changes at SEO Writing Jobs

When I first started writing SEO content in 2007, it was still very new to a lot of freelance writers; so new that I felt that it warranted its own space. So, I started this blog to field the volley of questions I received about it.

Now the SEO writing industry has matured. I don’t feel it warrants a separate space anymore. Hence, all posts about SEO writing — and any other facet of freelance writing — can be found on, this blog’s parent blog.

This blog will remain live because over the course of eight years, a lot of interlinking went on between and this site; and between other sites and this one.

It was a good run; one I’m proud of. But again, I’m not going anywhere. I’ve just consolidated my online, freelance writing homes is all. 🙂

Yuwanda Black, Publisher

P.S.: Online Writing Courses: Inkwell Editorial’s School on Teachable.