How to Start a Freelance SEO Writing Business: Some Common FAQs Answered

As six-figure freelancer Laura Pennington reminded us in this post, the busy fall season is upon us. Summer is almost over and people are turning their attention to work (and school). I see this in the uptick in orders from clients, and in the queries I’m starting to receiving from aspiring freelancers.

FAQs about How to Start a Freelance SEO Writing Business

Over the last week or so, I’ve received questions from a few budding online writers about SEO writing, and my e-books and e-courses on this freelance writing niche. So I thought now was a good time to put up a post like this.

Question #1: I am new to seo article writing and have no portfolio can I still get clients even though I’m a beginner and starting out? 

I’ve covered this question in detail over the years. See the following posts for some insight.

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Question #2: I noticed the ebook has been updated and was wondering what new has been added to the ebook? 

Google makes several major updates per year that affect how SEO content should be written. The updates incorporate this.

Question #3: How long did it usually take for you to start making around $250 a day with seo article writing? 

There is no one set answer to this. It depends on a host of factors, eg, your writing skill, niche you target, marketing ability, rates, services you offer, etc.

Question #4: What’s the difference between your SEO writing e-course and the SEO writing ebook.

If you know little to nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) writing, then the SEO copywriting e-course is best ).

This course takes you by the hand and walks you through what SEO is, how Google finds and ranks sites, why Google changes its algorithms, how to adapt to those changes as an SEo writer, the foundation of how to write SEO content, how to market for SEO writing jobs, how to put together a marketing plan to reach your income goals — and a whole lot more.

After going through this course, you’ll not only know how to write SEO content, you’ll understand what it’s all about, the lingo around it and how to sell the service to clients. It truly is a “Freelance SEO Copywriting Business in a Box” e-course.

If you have a foundational understanding of what SEO writing is all about, then the SEO writing ebook is the right choice. It doesn’t go into much detail about the mechanics of writing SEO copy (because it assumes you already have this knowledge). It does tell you how to put together a marketing plan to start getting jobs as a freelance SEO writer.

Question #5: Are there any up-sells in the course?

No; none at all. When you purchase the SEO writing e-course, there’s no need to pay for anything else. In fact, you get “freebies” with the course. With enrollment, you get the ebook, How to Make $250 or More Per Day Writing Simple, 500-Word Articles free (delivered with your course files within 24 hours after course is paid for in full).

Question #6: Do I need a to create a website to get clients?

While some students tell me that they’ve successfully used social media (specifically LinkedIn) to get clients without a website, I strongly recommend getting one for the simple fact that you need a home on the web for your writing samples, to list your services, etc.

FYI, a free website by Wix, Weebly, Yola, etc., will do just fine when you’re just starting out. In fact, many freelancers never migrate over to their own paid hosted sites. I don’t recommend this, but again, just starting out, all you need is a web presence and a free site will work just fine.

Question #7:If I do need a website, how do I go about it and what are the costs involved?

Again, use one of the freebie sites mentioned above and your cost will be $0.

Question #8: Do you help your students get their first client?

I outline a marketing plan in the course that shows you how to go about getting clients, so you’ll know exactly what to do do start landing clients. If you have good writing samples, price your services competitively and market consistently, I practically guarantee that you will get work.

This is where many freelancers fall on their sword — they don’t stay on the marketing. It’s a must — no matter what kind of business you start, by the way.

As the testimonials on this page highlight (and yes, every one of them are real), this is a straightforward, simple home-based business that works — if you do everything that’s outlined in the ebook or e-course. If you’re not landing clients, it’s likely because of  one of the things in the following post…

Freelance Writers: How to Land Jobs When You Have $0 & Your Marketing Tactics Aren’t Working – 5 Areas to Assess

Question #9: How does your money-back guarantee work?

Because you’re buying an e-product (that can’t be “returned” once downloaded and read), there are no refunds. That’s why I provide very detailed information on all of Inkwell Editorial’s (and e-products. And, the sites are full of information on almost everything I publish/create.

So dig through them and do some reading and if you have questions, feel free to email me before ordering. I’ll be happy to answer.

Question #10: Do you think one can succeed even without prior experience?

Different wording, but same question as #1 here.

When I first started writing SEO content in 2007, I didn’t have any experience. I had to Google it to find out what it was. Once I got the hang of it though, within two months, I got so busy that I hired other freelance writers to help me complete client orders.

So yes, you can DEFINITELY start this type of freelance writing business with little or NO experience. Via my e-books and e-classes, I’ve taught many others how to start this type of home-based business. More than a few have gone on to earn over six figures.

FYI, following are some success stories that illustrate just how viable this freelance career is.

Success Story #1

Success Story #2

Success Story #3

Success Story #4

Question #11: If you had no experience and wanted to start an SEO writing career today, what would you do?

Here’s a very viable plan that anyone can follow to get started. It doesn’t pay the most, but you will land jobs, get some experience under your belt,  and gain confidence as an SEO writer so you can command higher rates.

I hope this insight helps, and good luck however you decide to proceed.


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Are You Picking This Easy, Profitable, Low-Hanging Fruit of SEO?

The following is a guest post by Sydney Miller.

More than 80 percent of website owners overlook these key SEO devices and it is detrimental to their ability to rank on Google.

If you take the time to zero in on the right things, you will already be in the top 20 percent of websites and the best part about it is WordPress will do most of the work for you. So let’s get started with some simple, often overlooked — yet very profitable — SEO tips.


Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords and keyword phrases (KWPs) are definitely one of the most important factors in your website’s ability to rank on Google. It’s essential that you think like your customer when deciding on keywords. People tend to search in plain language, so go with simple sentences and everyday vocabulary, “shoes for beach wedding,” instead of “what style of shoe would work best for a beach wedding.”

A rivalry for keywords always seems to be brewing for competing websites. If you have two words with equal demand, select the one that’s less competitive and save yourself some trouble.

The funny thing is, when you start to rank for the less competitive phrase, you’ll usually pick up some rank for the competitive keyword phrase as well. Less work –- big payoff. A win win!

Another thing to consider is the money words, or long-tail KWPs that tend to be used by customers who are ready to make a purchasing decision. For example, if I wanted to buy a new laptop for architecture school next year, I would might Google “MacBook Pro” instead of “computer.” See how knowing the successful KWPs for your website can help you take control of your SEO and start getting high-quality (ie, “ready to buy”) traffic?

4 Places You Should STILL be Placing Keywords

Although Google’s algorithms have had us visiting zoos for years now, there are still some industry truisms that have remained the same. Keywords should still be placed in the following areas.

1. Title


2. URL


3. Heading


4. Link Text


Did you know that Google updates its search algorithm hundreds of times per year? It does! So you need to keep pace with it by revisiting your main keyword choices from time to time and update them accordingly.

As with all SEO, you can’t just implement it once and be done. If you want to continue ranking on Google, you need to adapt to the algorithm. For more information visit SEO Quotient.

sydneyAbout the Author: Sydney Miller is an Intern at Agileana (, a web design firm located in the Washington, DC metro area.

Sidney is an architecture major who went from designing buildings to designing websites for the summer.

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I’ve made my living as an online (SEO) content writer since 2007. Some benefits of starting this type of home-based business:

**You can never be laid off;
**You determine how much you earn; and
**You can work from anywhere (as long as there’s an internet connection).

Since 2009, via my online SEO copywriting course, I’ve trained many others how to start this type of freelance business. Are you next?

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