SEO Writers: Having a Hard Time Landing Jobs This Holiday Season?

I received the following email from a new SEO writer a few days ago. He wrote:

Hi Yuwanda

My mom and I recently bought “How to make $250 or more a day writing simple 500 word articles” and it’s a great book, but we’re struggling to get this SEO writing thing off the ground. Is it just a bad time of the year to be looking for this type of work, or is there something else? I’d really appreciate the help please if you can.~B

My Response


First, thank you for your purchase of the SEO writing ebook. Glad you’ve found the info helpful.

How to Get Holiday Writing JobsIn answer to your query, yes, this can be a difficult time of year to land jobs, but it can also be a good time because so many aren’t available for work. It all depends. As for finding work overall, here’s a post I did that may lend some insight.

Carefully assess these areas, then make changes where applicable. 

Hope this helps, and happy holidays.

He responded …

Hi, Yuwanda.

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me, I really appreciate it. I have already started implementing your advice in that post and a couple others, and I think that I am already starting to see some results.

Happy holidays to you too and thanks again.


Landing Writing Jobs During the Holidays: Some More Advice

The reason I forwarded this post to this freelancer is that the five areas I address there cover the main areas that need to be tweaked if you’re having trouble landing writing jobs – in any season, by the way.

Now, just a little more advice about landing jobs during the holidays; specifically to answer the question, “Is it just a bad time of the year to be looking for this type of work, or is there something else?

Like I told the respondent – it all depends – on the areas outlined in the aforementioned post.

One Big Mistake Many Freelance Writers Make When Looking for Work During the Holidays

One thing I’ve found is that many freelancers fail to plan their marketing campaigns. Now this freelancer is new, so this advice wouldn’t apply to him. But if you want to be busy during the holidays, start marketing for jobs in September. Put together special deals. Use language specific to this time of year (eg, special on holiday blog posts).

When you do this, you prime clients to start thinking about this time of year – months in advance. This can set you worlds apart from other freelancers because it says to clients that you’re organized, forward-thinking and professional.

Why start marketing for holiday writing jobs in September? Because editorial is cyclical. And right after Labor Day is when most turn their attention back to business. FYI, here’s a great post that outlines what to say when you contact clients for holiday writing jobs months in advance. It also further elaborates on why it’s a good idea to do so.

Learn more about how to land writing jobs during the holiday season.

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How to Make a FT Living as a World-Travelling Web (SEO) Writer: The Inside Scoop from a Freelancer with 8+/Yrs Exp

This past Friday, I did an interview with freelance writer Avery Breyer. She’s the multiple best-selling author of the Smart Money Blueprint Series, and has been featured/quoted on WOR 710 “The Voice of New York;” MSN Money; GoBanking Rates;;; and, to name a few outlets.

One of her books, How to Turn Your Computer into a Money Machine, covers how to make a living online -– and SEO writing is one of the mobile careers she discusses. So when she emailed me asking for an interview, needless to say, I was thrilled!

SEO Writing Interview: Topics Covered

Anyway, Avery asked me some very insightful questions that new and experienced freelancers can learn from. We covered:

How I Got Started in SEO Writing

Two of the Biggest Obstacles I Had to Overcome

How Freelancing Has Saved My Financial Toukas on Several Occasions

How Not to Be “Stuck” in a Job

Why Freelancing Can Be More Stable Than a FT Job; and

The Fears of Freelancing and How to Handle Them

About Creating a Financial Cushion as a Freelance

The Hardest Thing I’ve Had to Learn as a Freelancer;

Earnings Expectations When I First Started Out as an SEO Writer

And A WHOLE BUNCH more! Check out the video below.

Living the Freelance Life: From Thailand to Jamaica

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you know that I’m American, but currently live and work from Jamaica. When Avery emailed me asking for an interview and we decided to do it by phone, I told her to email me her phone number because I assumed that she was American (she’s Canadian). It’s cheaper to call from Jamaica to the U.S. than the other way around.

She emailed me back saying not to worry and to send her my phone number because, get this … she was in Thailand! We both had a good laugh about this because it hit us how truly awesome it is to be able to fit your life around your work when you freelance instead of letting your job control everything.

How the Interview Shaped Up

The interview lasts about 35 minutes, and I have to say, it was really fun. I’m thinking, “Hmmm, I’d love to do more of these.”

Avery initially asked me to do a Skype interview, but my response to her was, “Ugh, no. I’d be honored to do an email interview (not a Skype fan; I don’t like to comb my hair and work in my pjs — not a good look for others to see!).

I don’t know how she found me. I forgot to ask, but I assume a Google search because if you look for anything related to SEO writing< on the web, eventually you’re going to run across me — whether an article, an ebook, an online class, etc. She even said she interviewed another SEO writer after me and they said, “It was her book that got me into freelance SEO writing.

I felt honored — and old — at the same time. Can’t believe it’s been over 8 years already. Anyhoo, my final thoughts about the interview …

I’ve turned down quite a few in my day. I tend to be a bit of a loner as a worker. Personally, I’m very social, but in my professional life, I like to be alone (ie, be given a project and left to my own devices to complete it). This is one of the main reasons freelance writing appeals to me as a career.

But doing this interview was a great experience. I got to share information quickly, which means I hopefully covered some ground that’s important to you as an aspiring/existing freelance (SEO) writer. So I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed sharing my experiences, failures and successes.

Note: View more videos about “Living the Freelance Life” on my YouTube channel.

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