How to Make Money as an Online (SEO) Writer on Day One

I’m always saying that the opportunities for SEO writing are growing every day. A great deal of this demand is driven by content marketing. But, there’s another niche that drives the need for online (SEO) writers. What is it?

get-seo-writing-jobs-day-oneInternet marketers.

While doing some research for a new project I’ve been working on, I ran across this post. A reader had written to this successful internet marketer and asked him what he would do differently if he were starting “today.”

Part of his response was, “I would create a Blogger blog post advertising an article writing (or rewriting) service.” This stood out to me because:

(i) it had to do with writing;

(ii) I have written sales page copy for a freelance writer who advertised her services in this manner;

(iii) as an internet marketer, I personally know of the need for this kind of service; and

(iv) I see ads by internet marketers looking for copywriters to create content for them all the time.

“But, but …”

I know, I know — the rates advertised. Yeah, they suck! But, there are a number of reasons to pursue these types of gigs.

5 Reasons to Pursue These Types of Online Writing Gigs

First: this was a couple of years ago and rates have gone up since then;

Second: the work is pretty easy to get;

Third: the need is constant;

Fourth: the work tends to be pretty straightforward (eg, sales pages, landing pages, auto response emails and easy-to-research special reports); and

Fifth: if you specialize in providing web copy for internet marketers, you can market for higher-paying clients.

$4,000 for One Page!

The luxury of cutting your teeth on clients like you’ll find in the suggested post is that you learn how to write copy that really, really sells. And when you do, you can charge really well for things like landing pages – a common service requested by internet marketers.

How much can you charge? According to this post, anywhere from $100 to $4,000 or more, depending on length and page goal.

I’ve written short special reports (ebooklets) of 5-15 pages and earned anywhere from $750 to $1,500. These are the types of jobs internet marketers need to give away as lead magnets (freebies) and use as OTOs (one-time offers), for example.


Writing copy for internet marketers is a bountiful niche to specialize in. With more and more business being done on the web these days, it’s a skill that can easily be honed and used to land highly paid writing gigs.

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