SEO Copy Writing: How I Use It to Make Money Online Beyond Writing for Clients

I like SEO copy writing better than other types of freelance writing, for several reasons: (i) the pay is relatively good; (ii) it’s less competitive because not many know how to do it; and (iii) the jobs are pretty easy to market for.

Over and beyond this though, I like SEO copy writing because it allows me to make money beyond just writing for clients. Following are two ways that I use my skills as an SEO copywriter to make money online.

Before I get into this though, let me back up and briefly explain what an SEO writer does. That way, you’ll be able to better understand how it allows me to make money online.


Skills Required in SEO Copy Writing

SEO copywriters write web copy that drive traffic to an online presence (eg, website or blog). And, exactly how do they do this?

Well, they have to possess certain skills. Namely, they have to know what keywords are, how to conduct keyword research, what keyword density is, where to put keywords in content, how to write traffic-producing headlines, what pay per click is, what cost per click is, what ROI (return on investment is), etc.

In short, SEO writers have to know the “tricks of the online, money-making trade.” These are tricks that  drive web traffic, generate leads and increase sales. And, these are the very same skills that come in handy when you’re trying to make money online. In fact, it’s hard to make money online without knowing SEO.

Now, back to the how I use the skills I possess as an SEO copywriter to help me make money online beyond writing for clients.

Affiliate Marketing: I promote several affiliate products regularly, and am always testing new ones to promote. I average $100-$150/day doing this — when I consistently promote. The method I use most often is placing ads on free classified ad sites. FYI, this is one of the sucky things about promoting affiliate products — you have to constantly market those suckers, or your sales will dry up quicker than super glue on your finger. But, I digress . . .

When you promote affiliate products online, what is the number one thing you need to generate sales? Eyeballs on your site, right? IE, traffic. And, just how does one generate this traffic.

In case you don’t know, there are basically two ways to generate traffic online: pay for it (ie, pay per click), or get it for free (ie, organic traffic that’s generated via popular methods like article marketing).

No matter which method you use, you have to know SEO.

In pay per click, you have to know how to do keyword research so you can get the most bang for your buck. If you decide to go the free route by writing and distributing content (article marketing), then you have to know how to write SEO articles. If you write without employing SEO tactics, you will get much less traffic than someone who does know these tactics.

See how knowing SEO copy writing rules and guidelines give you a huge advantage over affiliate marketers who know nothing about search engine optimization?

This is one of the reasons many who try to make money promoting affiliate products don’t make a dime. They don’t know the rules of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating traffic online.

As an SEO writer, you do; hence, you have a much better chance of generating income as an affiliate marketer.


You know how to write content, you know how to do keyword research so you can bid on profitable keywords, you know where to put keywords in your copy to get the most traffic, etc .  

Write, Publish & Promote Your Own Products: This is the other way to use your SEO copy writing skills to make money online. If you read my stuff regularly, then you know I’m constantly pumping out ebooks — mostly on freelance writing.

Because you know the guidelines for what works in online marketing (ie, SEO), you have a much better chance of successfully selling your own products online. A lot of people want to make money by writing and selling their own products . . . and they may produce good, informative ebooks on interesting subjects.

But, they are clueless when it comes to promoting them online. Trust me, I know this from first-hand experience. Once I learned SEO and started applying the tactics when marketing my ebooks online, my sales shot up dramatically — and I did half the work!

This is the cool thing about being an SEO copywriter . . . over and beyond writing for clients.

SEO Copy Writing: The Powerful Advantage It Provides Freelance Writers

While learning how to write search engine-optimized copy is a great skill to have when trying to get work as a freelance writer, it is one that can be used to make money over and beyond writing for clients.

And, this is why I like it so much. It’s a powerful tool for making money online; one I use all the time.

Get SEO Copywriting Training and get on the road to making money online – the easier way.

FYI, Happy New Year! And, whatever your dreams are, get busy achieving them this new year. Life is too short to wait, wait, wait. . . until you have the right job, until the kids are out of the house, until you lose a few pounds . . . to start living. Start today, for you are not promised tomorrow.

That’s my wish for you this coming year. Make it a great one!

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Google Local Search: Your Google is Not the Same as My Google

Many web surfers don’t know this, but the Google results you see may not be the same Google results I see or your friends see. Why is this? Because Google returns search results based on where you live. This is extremely important from an SEO standpoint because a lot of business flows from local search — a lot!

For example, I’m currently in New York City. If I type in the search phrase “Tattoo Parlor”, look to the right where the paid listings are. There will be listings of tattoo shops in . . . New York City – even though I didn’t use the search phrase “Tattoo Parlor NYC”.

SEO Copywriters: Why Local Search is Important for You

As more and more businesses come online, they realize what SEO is. What drives SEO? Content — and lots of it on a continual basis. It’s no longer enough to throw up a website and wait for traffic, sales and leads to follow. Businesses that come online are just now starting to realize this. Why now?


 Because SEO starts with the web design process. Hence, when a business commissions a web designer, these designers are letting them know from jump that, “Hey, we can create you the coolest site around, but you need to ‘SEO it’ in order to get found.” Many web designers work in concert with SEO copywriters to provide the much needed search-engine optimized content for clients.

So yeah, local search is a big deal for you. And, the more you know about the better you can sell your services to businesses. They need you and once they realize it, the work flows.

Google Local Search: Is Big Brother Really Watching?

Yes, George Orwell’s prediction has come true – Big Brother is watching. In a sense, search engines do know where you live. They use geo-targeted information to return info. This allows where web surfers to find info about a business within a distance as close as 500 feet.

Note: For those who don’t get the George Orwell reference, Google the phrase “George Orwell Big Brother”.

Google Local Search & Local Search Advertising: Why Should I Care About It

Quite simply because local search is where the money is. Consider the following:

Fact: 70% of U.S. households use the internet to make decisions when shopping locally for products and services (Kelsey Group, 2005).

Fact: 73% of activity online is in one way or another “related to local content” (Google May, 2007)

Fact: 25% of ALL commercial Internet searches are conducted by users looking for local merchants (Kelsey-Bizrate 2004)

Fact: 60% of activity online is one way or another “related to local content” (Google May, 2003)

Fact: Businesses reported that about 75% of all their customers originate from within a 50-mile radius of their location; and that approximately 80% of small-to-medium-sized businesses reported they buy their needed products/inventory within a 50-mile radius of their business. [Kelsey Group, 2003]

Google Local Search: Are You Listed? Here’s How to Check

Your freelance writing business may already be listed in Google and other search engines. This is because search engines use information from other sources (eg, The Yellow Pages) to populate their databases. They do this so that they can return as much local information as possible when web surfers conduct local searches.

As an example, if an ad agency was looking for pharmaceutical writers in Denver, they could type in the phrase “pharmaceutical writer, Denver” and be assured of getting local writers, not those from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The information in many of these sources that search engines use to populate their databases is outdated. As a matter of course, only the most basic information is included, ie, name of business, address and a telephone number. You can do so much more to enhance your listing.

Hence, you could be losing out on a lot of business by not taking the bull by the horns and making sure your listing is correct and complete.

For example, if you’re a writer, you can add type of services you offer, links to writing samples, awards and affiliations, etc. And, oh yeah, it’s free!

Go to to see if your business is included and how it appears if it is listed.

Google Local Search: Not Listed? Create Your Free Local Search Listing

Create a free Google local search listing for your business. Also, read this info on local search at to learn how to benefit more from local search.

Gogole Local Search: Not the Only Game in Town

There are hundreds, if not a few thousand local search engines, in addition to the biggies like Google, Yahoo! and MSN (Bing). Here are a few noted ones: CitySearch, Super Pages, Yellow Pages and Localeze.

Here’s to your local search marketing efforts!

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SEO Writing: The Importance of Outbound Links

When discussing SEO and the importance of links, most of what you will read about is inbound links. But, outbound links are important as well, for the following reasons.

SEO Writing: 4 Reasons to Use Outbound Links


I. In Your SEO Writing, Strive to Become a “Go To” Source

What is the primary purpose of content? To inform the reader, right? Good information leads to trust, which leads to sales. Never forget this. One way to completely inform your readership is to link to helpful sources.

When you become a reliable source – by providing links to other relevant, helpful content – your readers will start to rely on you more and more. In essence, you do their research for them. And face it, most of us surf the web, we want the most concise, relevant, reliable information we can find. And, if we can get it all in one place – that makes a site “bookmarkable.”

As no one person/blog/website can possibly know everything on a given subject matter; not only does it make sense to link out to other sources, it makes for thorough reading as well.

II. As an SEO Writer, Link to Highly Reputable Sources

Now that you know why you should link out to other sites/blogs, let’s turn our attention to which ones you should focus on. And, these should be – for the most part – high-ranking, reputable sites/blogs.

Every niche has a few authority sites/blogs. For example, if you wanted to find “freelance writing jobs”, you’re going to run across Deb Ng’s site,, among a few others.

If you want know “how to make money blogging”, you’re going to run across

If you want to know “how to be a direct mail copywriter”, you’re going to run across Bob Bly’s site,

If you want to know “how to become an SEO writer”, you’re going to run across this site,

Why is linking out to reputable, highly ranked sites important. Quite simply, many SEO experts believe that it helps your site’s ranking. No one knows the algorithms search engines use to rank sites. What is known is that there is one formula, but that the more quality links that are pointing in – and out – does help a site.

It’s one more thing you can do to “SEO your site,” along with using appropriate tags, keywords, anchor text, etc. And, speaking of anchor text . . .

III. In Your Outbound Links, Use Appropriate Anchor Text

Your anchor text should ideally be high-ranking keywords/keyword phrases. As stated in last week’s post here entitled, SEO Tip on Website Linking: The Importance of Intrasite Links:

Never use phrases like “click here” or “read more” as anchor text. This is a wasted SEO opportunity for it doesn’t give search engines any information at all. Use your keywords, where possible, as anchor text.  

Remember, anchor text informs  search engines about what a page is all about. The more info you give them, the more you help your site – and the one you’re linking to (which other webmasters will appreciate).

IV. Remember, Outbound Linking Is Relationship Building

As mentioned above, other webmasters appreciate it when you find their content worthy enough to link to, especially when you haven’t asked for a link in return.

By using outbound links strategically, over time you’ll build up your site/blog’s reputation as an authority. In essence, by “hobnobbing” with other high-ranking sites, you become associated with them – and you eventually become an authority as well.

Note: Don’t only seek high ranking sites to link out to. If the information is relevant and thorough and you think it will serve your readership, link to it. Remember, the end user should always be kept in mind.

Hence, the goal with all SEO tactics is to become a reputable resource for your target market. A helpful tip, insight, solution may come from a little-known, non-ranking site. As long as it fits, link to it.

The Bottom Line on Outbound Links

SEO writing is a skill – a skill that requires many nuances. Knowing when to link, to whom, and how is what sets expert SEO copywriters apart – and the sites they write for.

Here’s to your SEO writing and marketing efforts!

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