SEO Copywriting: Train for a High-Paying, Portable Career

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs and websites, then you know that I’m a freelance writer, primarily an SEO copywriter for the last two years. Here, I want to talk about the versatility this career gives you, and why it’s such a lucrative, high-paying, evergreen niche in freelance writing.

Train for a Career as an SEO Copywriter

Train for a Career as an SEO Copywriter

SEO Copywriting: A Career You Can Do from Anywhere

One of the things I love about being an SEO copywriter is that I can do it from anywhere. Right now, I’m in Jamaica, sitting at this litte internet cafe right across the street from the beach writing this blog post. I’ve been here for a week (two more to go). Most mornings I get up, go for a run/walk and/or swim on the beach, then trudge back to my hotel (which is in walking distance), shower, change and then come to this cafe and work for 4, 5 or 6 hours — depending on what I have to do.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve completed blog posts for clients, articles for their websites, done article marketing for my own ebooks and ecourses and researched other ways to  make passive income online.

I say all this not to brag, but to point out that this life is very feasible for anyone who wants to do it. It was all made possible for me because of the plethora of clients I received once I learned how to write SEO copy in the fall of 2007. I’ve never been so busy as a freelance writer since picking up this skill.

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SEO Copywriting: Why It’s High-Paying

SEO copywriting is a high-paying freelance writing niche because it’s specialized, and not a lot of freelance writers know how to do it. Too many freelance writers don’t know how to capitalize on this fact. But if you position yourself right — in the mind of clients — you can easily capitalize on it. But, you must know your stuff. You can’t fake it.

“But,” you may be thinking, “aren’t those $3 article writing gigs SEO writing? That’s not high paying at all.”

While they may technically be so, these are not the type of gigs I go for. SEO copywriting is very lucrative — if you know how (and whom) to market to. And, how to set rates. All of this is dicussed in the May 19th post here entitled, SEO Copywriters: Why If You’re Not Making at Least $100/Day, You’re Doing Something Wrong; Here’s How to Start Making $200-$400/Day.

I’ve never had a problem landing clients and could be making a lot more money if I charged more. But I charge what works for me, which is more than enough to pay my bills and feed my travel fetish. I’ve taught others who’ve gone on to charge more than me — and good for them! The point is, you never have to settle for bottom-of-the-barrel rates as an SEO copywriter. You have unique knowledge — charge for it!

SEO Copywriting: Why It’s Evergreen

Some web experts estimate that between 30,000 and 100,000 new websites go live every day. And when you consider than not even 10% of the webmasters behind them know a thing about SEO and internet marketing in general, you can see why SEO writing it’s an explosive, evergreen niche.

Websites and blogs will always need fresh content. And with the plethora of social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, et al) the need for continuous content is only growing.

I’ve had several clients want New Media Words (my SEO Writing firm) to update/manage their Twitter accounts, set up a Facebook page, etc. We do handle the setup of social media sites for clients, but we don’t do ongoing maintenance. The reason I point this out is to highlight the many types of content websites and blogs need. And goodness knows what’s coming down the pike in a year, three years or five years. Freelance (SEO) writers can provide all of this.

SEO Copywriting: Conclusion

The web thrives on information. And, as I say in my 2008-2009 Freelance Writing Jobs Report, you are the conduit for it. Hence, you’re in the catbird’s seat.

I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I do for a living. It’s allowed me to fulfill so many dreams. And when people ask me what I do and I explain to them that they can do it too, there’s a sense of disbelief. But, trust me. Anyone who can read, write and maneuver the web can train to become an SEO copywriter.

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